image Videoactive Company began in a garage in Malibu California in 1980. Videoactive was founded to create, produce and distribute Special Interest programs most often referred to as "How To" videos. Our product line included piano, ballet, gymnastics, horsemanship, fencing, karate, belly dancing and many other instructional programs offered for sale on video cassettes throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Today, our original programming is sold on CD and DVD and digital media is licensed and sold worldwide. Our library of proprietary titles and content under distribution agreement has grown to several thousand titles.


Videoactive strives to add entertainment, education and special interest titles as quickly as possible. Acquisitions and production of new media programming continues to thrive. Videoactive is enlisting students of all age levels as well as seasoned professionals to assist with creation and generation of content. Our goal is to fill the market with bundled education courses for Home Study, Career Advancement and Professional Guidance as well as offer entertaining and emotionally valuable content for all ages.


image Videoactive is a private business. Stockholders funded the company originally purchasing shares for 10 cents a piece. Today, Videoactive stock shares are priced at $3.25 a piece. Earnings accrue to the benefit of shareholders generating cash and stock dividends paid periodically. Many of Videoactive's media projects are funded by investors providing capital contribution to specific projects for a share of earnings generated by those projects. Media project earnings are distributed monthly or quarterly as Royalty Income to participating investors. Videoactive stock is available periodically as the company seeks to expand. However, Media Project Earnings Contracts provide investment opportunities that generate income based upon earnings of specific media generated, sold and licensed. For additional information and/or to consider participation as an investor, please email bill@videoactive.com or call: 1.800.927.2949